Salisbury Hockey Club
The Home of Hockey in South Wiltshire

Match Fees, Annual Club Subscriptions and Payment Options

Match Fees

Match fees are payable by each player and will be collected by the team captain, or deputy, after each game. The fees are;

  • Seniors - £9 for the first game of the weekend and £5 for subsequent games
  • Juniors - £5 for all games
For those who drive one or more player to an away game, petrol expenses will be reimbursed at 25p per mile. This will be calculated from the agreed meeting point (normally the club house but this may differ from time to time) to the opposition pitch and back to the meet point.

Annual Club Subscription

The subs for the 2018/19 season, as agreed at the last AGM, are;

  • Over 18’s in full time work - £170
  • Over 18's who will play no more than 5 games in a season - £110
  • Over 18's who wish to train with the club but not play in any matches - £110
  • Students over 18 and not in employment - £110
  • Juniors - £75 for first child and £65 for subsequent children
  • Non-Playing member (includes membership to the S&SW Sports Club) - £40
  • Goal Keepers who use their own kit qualify for a 50% reduction in Annual Club Subscription
Please note that sub are due at the start of the season and will rise, if not paid by 31st October, to £210 for full members, £135 for anyone on the £110 subs and £92.50 for Juniors

Payment Options

Ideally we would like you to pay by digital transfer directly to our club bank account (details below)

Alternatively cheques will be accepted as long as they are clearly marked with details of which player, and their membership type, the cheque is covering.  These should be given to your team captain, section club captain or directly to the Treasurer.

We are also happy to accept Standing Order over a 8 month period (the season’s length) as supposed to 12 months which was a previous option or a one off payment.

If you intend to pay by Standing Order then set this up for September 2018 – April 2019 (inclusive) for the value of £21.25.

Bank Details

Bank Details Lloyds TSB
 Sort Code 30 97 41
 Account Number 00079092
 Account Name Salisbury Hockey Club
 Ref - use Name and what payment for e.g. V Brewis Subs